Adeel Mughal


Professional eCommerce consulting
for Magento merchants.


My preferred method of working with a client would be on a retained basis, where we’d agree focuses / objectives each month or quarter. I work with a number of mid-level and enterprise-level Magento merchants as a ‘part-time Head of eCommerce’, ranging from two days to six days per month. Examples of things I’d generally overlook as part of this relationship could be managing development projects and Magento 2 migrations, scoping large projects, Magento store management, customer acquisition strategy, reporting and general eCommerce strategy.


I provide fixed-scope, project-based Magento and eCommerce consulting which is based on a flat hourly rate. Generally, a merchant would get in touch with their requirements and I’d then provide a time estimate for completing the task, along with details of when it’d be completed etc. Examples of ad hoc projects I’ve worked on recently include auditing specific areas of a Magento store, Magento configuration / guidance, requirements gathering / project scoping, project management, Magento 2 planning etc.


Managed RfPs
I’ve delivered a number of full RfP projects for online retailers either launching a new online store or replatforming their existing one.

Replatforming Consulting
I provide consulting services around every aspect of replatforming – including platform selection, partner selection and managing the actual project.

eCommerce Strategy
I’ve helped online retailers of all sizes grow online through improvement across anything from customer acquisition strategy to their technology stack.

Magento Consulting
I work with various mid-level and enterprise-level Magento stores, as a consultant focused on optimising functions and providing guidance around how Magento works.

Magento Project Management
I work as a consultant on various Magento 2 migration and replatforming projects, helping to bridge the gap between the retainer and the agency.

Magento Auditing
I provide Magento code audits, platform audits and various other types of assessment, designed to highlight areas for improvement and resolve core issues.


I am a Pakistan-based freelance Magento and PHP web developer with over 8 years’ experience in web development. During that time, I have worked on projects for different clients and companies. I do the majority of my work for World Wide clients and agencies, and as such, I cannot list the work in my online portfolio. Please contact me if you would like more details about some of the agency work I have done.
My aim and objective have always been to be a KeyStone. Always wanted to be the part of the success of every part of the work I belong to. To make a success I prefer myself to get utilized to the maximum with my skills, experience, and ideas. Always want to be part of the system where I can be valued more than an asset! Self Motivated, but love to keep everyone motivated. Maybe a failure sometime but haven’t learned to give up.

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